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Acupressure Massage

Acupressure comes from the combination of the words “acupuncture” and “pressure”. This is a traditional Chinese method derived from acupuncture. Physical pressure is applied to the acupuncture points using the hand, elbow or other devices to relieve pain. The body has...

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Balinese Massage

BRINGING THE MIND AND BODY TO BALANCE: THE MANY BENEFITS OF BALINESE MASSAGEIf there is one style of massage therapy that is worthy of mention in Singapore, it would be Balinese Massage therapies. Originating from the Island of Bali in Indonesia, this style combines...

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Reflexology Massage

TRACING THE BODY’S PATH: HOW REFLEXOLOGY IMPROVES YOUR OVERALL HEALTHAncient medical practitioners believe that every part of the body corresponds with each other and a lot of their functions and responses can be triggered by the reflexes of the hands and feet. From...

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Thai Massage

AN ANCIENT ALTERNATIVE: THE MANY BENEFITS OF THAI MASSAGEWith Singapore having a recent boom of Massage Centers and Spa Resorts, there is one style of massage therapy that is unique, effective and ever prevalent: Thai Message. Coming from Ancient Monks of Thailand and...

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Traditional Chinese Massage

TUI NA: THE MANY WONDERS OF TRADITIONAL CHINESE MASSAGEIn the Western World, massage is often viewed as a means of Indulgence. In the East, however, it is viewed as a medical approach and a way of life. One testament of this is Tui Na, a form of Traditional Chinese...

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Full Body Massage

ALTERNATIVE FORMS OF HEALING: THE DIFFERENT FULL BODY MASSAGE SERVICES IN SINGAPOREWhen it comes to full body massage services, no place has it all than Singapore. Due to the overstressed and overworked populace, Singapore recently underwent a significant increase of...

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Swedish Massage

SWEDISH MASSAGE IN SINGAPOREIn the West, the Swedish massage is the most popular and a well-known type massage. If you don't get a massage quite frequently then the Swedish massage is the ideal area to start out. A Swedish massage can be gentle and mild or it can also...

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Javanese Massage

AN OVERVIEW OF THE JAVANESE MASSAGEMassage is the art that calms the tired muscles in our body and provides a number of mental advantages as well. The Javanese massage is one of the most sought after types of body massages. Javanese massage is recognized with ancient...

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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage relieves intense stress in the muscles and connective tissues. This type of massage concentrates on the muscles situated beneath the surface area of the top muscular tissues. Deep tissue massage makes use of several massage strokes and strategies...

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Massage Benefits

THE AMAZING BENEFITS OF THERAPEUTIC MASSAGEThere are a lot of people who opt not to go into regular rounds of massage in a year, and they tend to not realize that they are missing on the benefit of massage therapy.  Nowadays, you can find that a lot of people are...

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