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When it comes to full body massage services, no place has it all than Singapore. Due to the overstressed and overworked populace, Singapore recently underwent a significant increase of businesses centered on massage therapy. From small massage parlors, to Spa resorts and even as part of a hotel package, you’d be hard pressed in finding a street here that does not have at least one massage therapy business in its area.

With Full body massage services springing at every corner, how does one pick the right one for them? The answer will depend greatly on your tastes. These full body massage services have very different massage styles and themes. It is now the right time to try out the different massage styles that Singapore has to offer.


Where westerners treat massage as a form of indulgence, they Chinese treat it as a form of treatment. Their version of a full body massage is a combination of their love for meditation and their expertise in medicine. Thus, Chinese massage therapies are a combination of the mystical and the physical. This style centers around the concept of chi and a session on this style will help you open and regulate this form of life energy in your body while treating you with traditional Chinese medicine like acupuncture, reflexology, herbs and fire cups.


Unlike most full body massage techniques, Thai massage is very simple. This consists of only a mat and a masseuse. You do not even have to remove most of your clothing as there is no oil applied and it relies purely on acupressure. This style lasts for two hours and consists of the masseuse using their arms, knees, and feet to move you in several yoga-like positions.  After the session, you are expected to be relaxed yet highly energized.


As the Chinese center their massage concept on chi, the Japanese have developed their version of a full body massage that bases on the life energy known as “hara” known as Shiatsu. Shiatsu uses a variety of acupressure techniques to stimulate your body’s hara on several parts of your body and promote complete relaxation. Shiatsu practitioners will also use stretching movements for you to improve your wide range of motion and flexibility.

Other Massages

As Singapore is a multi-cultural community, it also has absorbed several styles of full body massage that are both alluring and effective. There is the Tantric massage which helps you learn more about your body and is described as relaxing and at times, erotic.  There are also several massage styles that use such techniques like hot stones, aromatherapy, and even chocolate. There are also several styles of massage that focuses on the elderly and pregnant women.

There are a lot of massage parlors and spas in Singapore that offer very different styles. It is now up to you to choose the full body massage business that suits your tastes.