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Massage is the art that calms the tired muscles in our body and provides a number of mental advantages as well. The Javanese massage is one of the most sought after types of body massages. Javanese massage is recognized with ancient massage methods that were made use to deliver leisure and relaxation to the people of Java. It was first used in ancient India and because of the rarity of its oils, only wealthy people can afford this type of massage back then. Today, the Javanese massage continues to alleviate people’s discomfort with its strong strokes which gives the costumer a powerful feeling of calmness.


Writings about massage have been discovered in a number of ancient civilizations which includes Greece, Rome, China, India, Egypt, Mesopotamia and Japan. A probable biblical reference records day-to-day therapies using the oil of myrrh as an element of the beauty routine of the spouses of Xerxes. A book written by the ancient Chinese entitled Huangdi Neijing and was published under Yellow Emperor suggested the massage of skin and muscle. The main purpose of massage back then was for abortion, where an application of pressure is given to a pregnant woman’s abdomen.


Javanese massage is identified to help people who experience long-term migraine, high blood pressure, backache, and depression. This is also efficient in strengthening and improving the blood flow inside the body. Javanese massage can decrease stress, anxiety, strain, as well as ache in different places of the human body. It also helps the body to be always alert. Javanese massage is unique from all the other types of massages because of the strokes that are applied to the costumers. Javanese massage relieves twisted and pressured muscular tissues. In addition, Javanese massage is also acknowledged to improve the operation of the lymphatic system to make it generate an invigorating vitality that will be advantageous to the entire body.


There is a relatively current technique in Javanese massage where the therapist makes use of hot stones so the customers can achieve the ultimate benefit in the message.  Basalt stones have an astonishing capability to keep and project a regular and relaxing temperature for an extended interval of time. The infiltrating heat from the hot rocks calms the muscular tissues which enables a much deeper relaxation. The heat assists in releasing the strain inside the muscles. The warmth makes the blood vessels expand which encourages improved blood circulation.