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Ancient medical practitioners believe that every part of the body corresponds with each other and a lot of their functions and responses can be triggered by the reflexes of the hands and feet. From this way of medical thinking was the art of Reflexology born. This ancient healing art promotes self-healing and relieves the person from its illness, along with preventing it from occurring by alleviating the source of the illness.

If you are experiencing chronic pains in your body, suffering from a long-term illness of which repeated treatment has yielded no effect, or having difficulties in recovering from an accident, the Reflexology massage therapy might be the most suitable alternative to your health woes.


Reflexology has long been practiced by Chinese doctors and was only introduced to the West in 1913. Practitioners of this form of healing base their techniques on a Reflexology chart which consist of ten zones located in the body. These zones traced the reflexes on the hands and feet, and pressure applied to these zones would trigger a positive response in the organs in the body.

According to practitioners of Reflexology, stimulating the nerve endings on these zones has an effect on the body’s nervous system, prompting the body to heal itself. Others, however, have a more mystical explanation. They believe that life energy or “chi” can be blocked and put into imbalance in these zones through everyday activity and stress, and Reflexology is the means to correct this. Whatever the explanation, the client is expected to have improved blood circulation, detoxification, reduced tension and the body healing itself.


The Reflexology massage therapy is a relatively easy process. During an appointment, the Reflexology will ask questions to determine your present medical condition. They will then apply pressure on your hands, ear lobes and feet according to the Reflexology chart. Different spots, in theory, will have different effects for the different parts of your body. For example, pressing a certain area on the feet will affect the kidneys and pressing the left sole will have an effect on the heart.

Since Reflexology aims to heal different parts of the body, it is claimed to heal a person of several conditions. It is said that Reflexology sessions have relieved people of chronic pains in their joints, improve their sleeping pattern, and relieve them of stress.

It is also said that the sessions in Reflexology can cure you of certain diseases like diabetes, eye problems, cholesterol problems, high and low blood pressure, arthritis, infertility and many other problems in the body.


Since Singapore is having a Spa and Massage Center boom, it will be easy to find a good Reflexology center in the country. A Reflexology session in these places will grant you with the most relaxing Reflexology sessions in your stay in the country.