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In the West, the Swedish massage is the most popular and a well-known type massage. If you don’t get a massage quite frequently then the Swedish massage is the ideal area to start out. A Swedish massage can be gentle and mild or it can also be strenuous and vigorous. It depends on the therapist’s personalized style. Swedish massage is centered on the Western principles of anatomy and physiology in contrast to the energy flow within the body that is prevalent in Asian type massages. It was developed by a Swedish doctor named Per Hinrik Ling in 1700’s.


The definition of a massage is the manipulating of shallow and much deeper levels of muscle and tissue making use of a variety of methods, to boost functionality, support in the recovery process of a person and encourage relaxation. In the professional environment, massage consists of the customer being taken care of while lying down on a massage table, sitting down on a massage chair, or lying down on a mat on the floor.

The primary objective of a Swedish massage is to maximize the oxygen circulation in the blood stream and discharge harmful toxins from the muscle tissues. Swedish massage reduces the length of healing time from muscle stress by eliminating the tissues of metabolic wastes. It also improves the circulation of the blood.

By alleviating muscle strain, the Swedish massage is both comforting and invigorating and it can even support the faster recovery of an injury. There are four most common strokes in a Swedish massage and these are the effleurage; a sliding stroke applied to loosen up soft tissue, petrissage is the compressing and kneading that comes after effleurage, friction is the deep, round motions to maximize blood circulation and break down scar cells and last is the tapotement; a short, changing tap performed with cupped hands or fingers.


Recently, a study was performed by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine found out that volunteers who had a Swedish massage for forty-five minutes experienced major decreases in the amount of the stress. The subjects of the research also had increases in the quantity of white blood cells that is an important element in the immune system and an enhancement of immune cells that will aid the body to combat ailments such as colds and flu.