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With Singapore having a recent boom of Massage Centers and Spa Resorts, there is one style of massage therapy that is unique, effective and ever prevalent: Thai Message. Coming from Ancient Monks of Thailand and based on the Ayurvedic principle of holistic healing, this style of massage therapy is arguably one of the most well-known massage therapies in Asia and beyond.

Whether you are experiencing stress on a daily basis, have an illness in which modern medical practices have no effect on, or struggling to recover from a recent accident, Thai Massage can be a very good alternative to your healing process. Aside from medical benefits, this massage style also helps you become calmer and relaxed, promoting a complete healing that modern medicine does not have.


Thai Massage is an ancient medical and meditative practice that was believed to be discovered 2500 years ago by Buddha’s personal physician in India. Contrary to Swedish massage which focuses mainly on the physical aspects of the body, Thai Massage combines the metaphysical and physical aspects of a person. This makes for a unique and truly effective full-body approach to healing.

Thai Massage starts from the feet and then slowly progresses to the head regions. Using a sequence of gentle and flowing exercise movements, the body is moved, loosened and stretched at the joints and in the muscles. This type of massage also affects the metaphysical aspects of the body, restoring the life energy (known as chi) throughout the body. This method has been used not only in treating illnesses, but in maintaining a person’s health and wellbeing.


What most people who experienced Thai Massage say is that it is like doing Yoga without actually moving. The masseuse uses their hands, knees, legs and feet to move you into several yoga-like positions. No oil is to be applied, so you are going to be fully dressed and the entire session is to be done on a padded mat on the floor. After a session that lasts for one to two hours, it is highly guaranteed that you will feel relaxed and energized.


As with all styles of massage therapies, Thai Massage has a lot of benefits that range from improving your body along with putting you into a calmer and relaxed disposition. Engaging into Thai Massage therapies reduces stress, improves your blood circulation, increases your flexibility and range of motion, increases your energy thus making you energetic and alert, and relieves you of chronic pain in the joints and muscles. Aside from that, it relaxes you and centers your mind and body by harmonizing the energies within you.

There is a lot of Thai Massage parlors scattered around Singapore that you must simply try. So what are you waiting for? Try on now and be ready for a relaxing Thai Massage session.